Farmhouse Inspired Find

So, I’m pretty excited about this because this is one of those trips to TJ Maxx where I happen upon something that I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. How fun is that?! And this find as well as other projects has inspired me to start a Maxxinista Makeover series. I feel like my pictures don’t do the change justice but here is a before and after. Same space, totally different now: 

My living room layout is strange {to me} despite the fact that it’s a very open floor plan, making it a challenge to furnish in a way that feels right to my soul. It’s not quite there yet and a work in progress. Reality is this: all those gorgeous living room inspiration pins on Pinterest didn’t all happen in one day, one shopping trip. Embrace the process and don’t feel pressure.

When I saw this coffee table, I did a double take, walked away, came back and looked at the price, walked away and came back again. I was actually shopping for my mother-in-law as I’ve been helping her redecorate and redesign her home with most things TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Marshalls {reveal to come soon!} Believe it or not, y’all, I truly talk myself out of buying a TON of items. My lady friends who have shopped with me know this to be true as my witnesses.

Shopping advice: if you find something you think you would like, especially furniture, go ahead and buy it and live with it awhile. It can always be returned. If you walk away from it, you can be sure it will be gone if you go back the next day or two; hence, the reason that these companies don’t really keep a detailed inventory with an online store. Their inventory constantly changes and moves in and out very quickly.

And of course I can’t write this without mentioning the ever-popular Joanna Gaines! The farmhouse craze continues to be on the rise, if not already peaked. I personally don’t tend to go with trends because once I start getting used to the idea of one, something bigger and greater has come around to replace it; however, I like many people have practically drooled over her designs. 

Despite whatever interior design rules may say {that’s a throw back to high school interior design class for me}, our current house is a mix of styles mostly consisting of mild elegance with a touch of . . . well I don’t really know what to call it, but a touch of something else accentuated with items of shine and sparkle. 

As far as this little gray farmhouse inspired coffee table is concerned, my husband said “I think this is just what we needed for this space” {I kid you not!} He had the same “ah hah” moment which I think is a first for us in this process of making this house our home.

It just fits with the size, style and color to compliment my greige walls, which I love! 

What caught my attention the most was the price: $119. It’s getting to the point now that I can guestimate an item’s price as pricing tends to follow a pattern; however, this one is a little outside of that pattern. To me, it was definitely worth it to buy and see if it works. Also considering the style I knew it would be gone quick. Speaking of price, I even know some people who make items like this and the prices can be intimidating at times. And I get it, some people make a living off of that trade, but I’m a person in a marriage that works well with budgets.

So here is the price comparison on similar pieces: 

Purchasing this farmhouse inspired gray coffee table from TJ Maxx at $119 + tax, I saved anywhere from 32%-66% {depending on the availability of these compared items}.

As always, happy shopping and happy savings!

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  1. brituckerblog says:

    Absolutely LOVE this transformation, friend!! ❤❤❤

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    1. Thank you, Bri! 💕


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