Reveal: Guest Bedroom Makeover

Just wanted to share a Guest Bedroom Makeover project that I did with my sweet mother-in-law! 

When my mother-in-law approached me about helping her change up a room in her home, I honestly did not think she was serious. I mean, I’m a nurse, photographer, crafter, avid shopper of TJX stores {to state the obvious} and I started my own small business in November. 

I’m not naturally geared towards the intricacies and technicalities of interior design, so I’m sure I make the professionals cringed with what I do! 

But what I do have going for me is a brain geared towards a budget and a love for TJX finds! So here is what we were working with: 

After her youngest son moved out and married his love, this is what the room had been left as.

So we searched through Pinterest to create essentially an ispiration board containing certain aspects that she liked. Here is a sneak peek at her inspiration board: 

I truly love Pinterest as a means to figure out preferences.

With ideas and impressions of what she wanted in my mind, I hit the stores! Like I said, I’m not a professional by any means. So how do I choose items? I honestly snatch up what I tend to do a double take on. 

My findings in tow {a gorgeous white quilt, curtains, rug, etc}, I brought them to her house for her to see in the space.

She really fell in love with the white quilt as well as a pop of color found in other items: sea foam green! My mother-in-law tends to surprise me sometimes because she truly goes with her gut and what appeals to her for each individual project, which keeps me on my toes!

I honestly don’t remember the timeline, but it did take a few weeks {or couple of months} to locate each piece she wanted as my shopping tends to be sporadic in addition to waiting out the store inventory turnover.

So without any further delay, here is the finished product!

We purchased various items {quilt, throws, pillows, ladder style night stand, lattice lamp, mirror, canvas art, rug, tray, and foot stool} from local TJX stores.

Repurposed already existing furniture/items she had as well as a refreshing new coat of paint.

In all my excitement of doing a project for someone else, I didn’t keep price details; however, my mother-in-law estimates cost to be around $500 for the total makeover {one day I might go back, look at the prices and total it up}. 

As always, happy shopping, my friends!

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