Honest Company Diapers: My (Honest) Review & How I Got Them At A More Affordable Price

Hello, fellow Maxxinistas! It has been WAY TOO LONG it’s almost unforgivable! My posting for 2018 was slim to none, which is sad considering all my Maxxinista finds during that year {sigh}.

2018 was a learning curve for me in many aspects of our life. Quick little update: our baby girl arrived into this world in September! She is an absolute JOY and we honestly cannot imagine what life was like before her nor our life without her! It’s been 3.5 months of getting into the rhythm of our new normal and learning to go with it.

So slowly but surely I’m coming back into the world, adding back little by little the things I was up to and involved in prior to the arrival of our baby girl!

Despite the dust bunnies and quietness on this blog, I am determined that 2019 is the year for Maxxinista Life! You’ll see that things may be looking a little different from here on out — I’m always learning and growing {never actually arriving, which is the adventure in it all}. Let me know what you think of the new look!

On to business: to see my review on the Honest Company diapers and how I got them at a more affordable price, continue reading!

My new normal is diapers. SO MANY DIAPERS. And, goodness, are they expensive!

Our baby girl is sleeping through the night {praise the Lord}. I’m talking bedtime at 8 and awake at 7! She showed signs of progressing to this stage at about 7 weeks old. So we just went with it and the transition happened in 2 days. Total win!

{Yes, we know we are lucky or blessed or whatever you want to call it}

Now that our baby girl sleeps through the night, she continues to hold up to her nickname from birth: Milk Monster. She eats a lot in a feed {our pediatrician was shocked}. And with more volume in, that means more volume OUT!

Which has led to so many outfit changes. So many baths. So many sheet changes. So much laundry.

The diapers could not handle nighttime.

Enter Honest Company diapers and my personal experience review of them.

Prior to using a sample of Honest Company diapers {I highly recommend using all the samples you can get your hands on}, we were using Pampers Pure diapers at night. They did the job about 75% of the time, but I wanted 99% success rate because 100% is unattainable in baby world, people.

Honest Company diapers shocked us. Both samples held it all, no leaks! Mind blown. Because when I initially held one of those diapers in my hands, I felt like we were going to wake up to a mess. They truly don’t have a feel of heavy duty, but somehow they are indeed heavy duty.

And you get what you pay for.

Honest Company diapers are not cheap. So when I was shopping around in my local Marshalls, I practically shrieked out loud when my eye spotted a package of Honest Company diapers.

I had to bust into the package before I could do a post, but I got a pack of 40 size 2 for $9.99! Score!

So to do a price comparison post, I’ll be using the pack of 34 the size 3 Honest Company diapers.

Top left is my purchase of two packs of 34 size 3 diapers for $9.99 each from Marshalls. As you can see, you still come out better with Marshalls: $0.29/diaper. I saved at least 30% by purchasing Honest Company diapers from Marshalls!

So if you see them in your local Home Goods store, you better snatch them up, girl!

As always, happy shopping!

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