Letter Board On A Budget

Letter boards. I’m literally seeing these letter boards everywhere! I’m not really sure when the letter board trend started or really who started it; nonetheless, the trend has exploded.

I dabble in photography as a hobby and for the longest time the trending prop for shoots was a chalkboard. Whether it was a standard chalkboard or one of the DIY ones made from a vintage frame {guilty, I have both}, there was a chalkboard in the shot. Now, I’m seeing letter boards for pregnancy, maternity, newborns, fur babies, etc.

Not going to lie though, I do love the simplicity the letter board has to offer!

My latest Maxxinista project for my mother-in-law {a small gallery wall for photos} has called for more visits to my local TJX stores.

It almost never fails: when I’m shopping for her, I happen upon a find that I can’t help but to purchase. This letter board find certainly surprised me!

TJX stores have an abundance of wall decor ranging from decorative mirrors, to various canvas art and what I like to call wall fillers. If you are looking to do a gallery wall and have a tight budget, the TJX stores are the way to go! You just have to be patient as items cycle through their inventory, collect as you go. That’s what I did for my entryway gallery wall seen here in a sneak peek of a future post: {please ignore the crazy lighting! My walls are painted greige so it picks up browns and greys very easily as you can tell in this photo}

I love my gallery wall! And most of these items with the exception of a couple were found at TJX stores. More on the gallery wall to come!

Back to the letter board: I honestly had no clue what these were running as far as price was concerned, but I figured I’d snatch it up for just $14.99 and return it if needed.

It’s a 12×12 wood frame black felt letter board and it comes with other cute symbols, common words, etc. Why not!

I did some quick research yesterday ranging anywhere from Etsy, target, amazon and some sort of decor specialty stores and found the following:

Keep in mind some differences in size as well as what is actually included; however, even with that I think I still won out! Note: The one listed on Etsy happened to be discounted yesterday to $18.68, but does not include shipping cost.

By purchasing my letter board from TJ Maxx, I saved at least 25% {on just a general letter board that potentially doesn’t included the extra fun items I got with mine}. So assuming the amazon choice doesn’t include the extras, then I consider that a bigger bang for my buck!

My letter board has found a spot in my living room and I love it. Happy shopping!

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