Maxxinista Life is a blog dedicated to sharing various tips, tricks and endless potential finds or deals that can be discovered at differing Home Goods stores. Not only will we talk retail, but you will also get a sneak peek into my life as an ordinary working wife who has a passion for finding neat and unique treasures awaiting to be discovered at Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. So in order to “maxximize” {see what I did there?} your experience as a reader and potential consumer of these products, I recommend reading the Maxxinista Basics first.

Alicia is a self-proclaimed Maxxinista in her off time, but she works as a pediatric nurse. She has been married going on 2 years to her husband. They are the proud parents of a sweet miniature dachshund fur baby. Not only does she love caring for children, spending time with her family, photography and trips to the beach, but she also has a passion for hunting deals in various Home Goods stores; hence, the Maxxinista Life was born! She looks forward to sharing her tips, treasures and tidbits of information with you all!image

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