My Go-To Affordable Jewelry Brand: Bella Jack

Jewelry. Believe it or not, growing up and even up until the last year or so I never really liked jewelry {and I can hear the gasps of women everywhere as I type that statement}. To me, jewelry was a hassle: to match earrings and necklaces to what I was wearing that day seemed like a pain to me. I’m the type of person to throw my clothes on and go, without even one thought of picking out jewelry. And more times than not, I’m sure I was going about town in whatever earrings I had put in weeks ago and haven’t thought a thing of them since then. . . oh my.

I used to look at what my friends would choose to accessorize their outfits with and would love their looks. I just couldn’t ever figure out why I couldn’t do that. The reason why is because I had yet to find what I love. I have an ability to appreciate many different styles when it comes to homes and fashion; however, when I have tried to replicate certain styles and looks in my own fashion choices, I have found myself looking in the mirror and scrunching up my nose at what I see before me thinking “this looked so cute on my friend. Why isn’t it working for me?” The good news is that I have really evolved to love certain brands and types of jewelry. I actually take the time to pick out my earrings and necklaces. And why is this? Because I discovered types and styles of jewelry that are “me”. Because I love what I’m putting on, I get excited about it.

I must give a big shoutout and thanks to TJX stores for introducing me to one of my favorite brands of jewelry by far: Bella Jack. I LOVE Bella Jack jewelry! I can spot these items from a mile away because it was the presentation and design that caught my eye to begin with. Here is just a snapshot of only part of my current Bella Jack collection.
I’m very much like my {sweet} mom in many ways, particularly in that we both really like unique jewelry. Funny side note: I never really was attracted to gold until I started wearing Bella Jack! I think the necklaces are truly my favorite because of all the fun charms on them, but I really just like the uniqueness of all the different designs they do. Here is a closer look at some of the details that I love:
And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without looking at the savings! I cannot, for the life of me, find what I paid for the previous items pictured as I bought those beauties prior to this blog; however, I did buy a pair of earrings just last week as pictured below.
I’ve been researching to find a comparable price from another resource from which this pair of earrings could be purchased; however, I have yet to find one at this time. You can still go by the “compared at” price, just don’t take it to heart as it isn’t a true price, but just an estimated price by TJX stores.

So based on the “compared at” price: $28.00 and what I paid: $14.99, I saved 46%┬ánot including sales tax!

As always, happy shopping, my friends!

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