Battling Chaos and Disorganization: The Kitchen Cabinet Chapter

Disorganization. I loathe it. It literally makes me cringe sometimes; however, when I’m overwhelmed with all the stuff, I just mentally shut down and block it out. That, my friends, is how I’ve survived this last year {give or take some months}, which is how long we have been in this house.

A year. 

A year of feeling inadequate as a wife, keeper of the home. 

A year that I let anxiety win by giving in to walking away from the mess that seemed so insurmountable, stressing about where to put everything.

A year {well, actually more years than I care to admit} of letting depression rule my life. Drowning in the anxiety, lack of energy or desire to even care.

I opened up about some of these struggles in my first Battling Chaos and Disorganization series post.

I was worried that my victory was going to be a one-time, short-lived thing. To once again be defeated by anxiety feeding me thoughts of not being able to repeat this in the other areas that needed it.

I think a combination of things has happened: God, exercise, job change and determination.

Somewhere {the exact source slips my memory} I read that a woman’s anxiety, stress level and happiness is, in a big aspect, related to her home. I find it interesting and it’s so true!

Instead of focusing on household tasks as being daunting, time consuming and stressful, I now view a task as a step towards health and happiness. Many will roll their eyes and think “she’s crazy” when I say this: organizing, sorting and purging make me happy. It is fun to me because of the sense of accomplishment as I view the end product. 

So this was my next task: kitchen cabinets. just looking at these! Organizing and sorting is like a puzzle. So I literally pulled out all the pieces and placed items in areas of my kitchen that make most sense. I adjusted my shelf heights as well to work for the items I have. I also snatched up some items I had around the house {all from TJX stores, of course} that I had in my previous home to repurpose for my needs.

Do you see those empty shelves?? The desk organizer that I used as a party organizer is Broyhill and was $16 at TJ Maxx. The storage shelves were around $16 as well. The media/mail organizer was around $12 and most of my large container lids fit perfectly. No more container avalanche. Those four items didn’t have a purpose before until now.

What a difference a little organizing, creative problem solving and sorting will do!

Happy shopping and happy organizing!

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