Battling Chaos and Disorganization: The Junk Drawer Chapter

Hello, everyone! My apologies for my silence during the last few months…MONTHS?! Life has gotten super busy lately between the holidays, job changes {the struggle is real}, pursuing new adventures and exciting opportunities as well as dealing with life in general.

Y’all, the struggle has been so real! One of the things that I am determined to be more open and honest about is real life. Not the life that so many portray on social media, but my life. The good. The bad. And everything in between. Essentially I’m starting my own “This Is Us” campaign, mostly because I {just as easily as anyone else} can start comparing my life, my marriage and my job to everyone else’s. And I’m putting an end to that unhealthy path <– this is a whole different post in and of itself.

During the last few weeks, I have been on an organizing/cleaning frenzy thanks to the help and support of my mom. Yes, I said my mom. And I am a twenty-something year old married woman. It turns out we make a pretty good team though because we both have differing strengths. Why do I need my mom? Because the task of unpacking boxes, cleaning and organizing my house is too overwhelming {mostly exacerbated my situational depression}. It’s exhausting to work yourself up to tackling a task only to be defeated by it before you even get started.

But you cannot live a healthy, productive life and marriage in chaos and disorganization.

Through this process I have learned that I love to organize and order things. It literally produces endorphins for me. I enjoy the entire process and the end products always bring a smile to my face! 

So enough with the chatting, I introduce {dun dun duuuun} The Junk Drawer:

I mean we all have one, right? I actually have two! There have been so many times when I would approach this drawer, ready to conquer it only to shut my eyes and close it back after looking at the daunting task. No more running away and being defeated! 

So I’ve seen a ton of beautiful and various ways to organize almost everything in a house on, you guessed it, Pinterest. I’ve been on the hunt for organizational items for the past few weeks. Nothing really stood out to me as a good find until I came across a fun pack of various sized bins, but not just any bins. Interlocking bins! I almost walked away from them, but what sold me was that I can arrange them how I want and they won’t get all jumbled up in a drawer.

I snatched up a set and dove right in to transitioning from junk drawer to organized utility drawer:

This makes me smile! And also lifts even the smallest weight of the stress from living in chaos, which is priceless.

Speaking of price, {from left to right} how much this pack of bins would cost: at Kmart, what I paid at TJ Maxx and at Walmart.

Buy purchasing this Madesmart interlocking drawer organizer at TJ Maxx, I saved anywhere from 36%-42%!

Stay tuned for more finds! As always, happy shopping…and now, happy organizing! 

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