Deal of the Week: Kate Spade

Hello, all! So this is one thing that I feel would be fun to do as well as simultaneously share with you all as real-life product(s) of my many shopping trips in my own home. I introduce to you the idea of “Deal of the Week”; however, there will be times, hopefully understandably so to my readers, that I will not be able to shop weekly.

And {confession} the object of this post was purchased last week, but I’m too excited about it not to share with everyone. So without further ado, I introduce the very first Deal of the Week: Kate Spade Vase!Display_KSVase

One thing that I feel is a basic, common component and honestly practically a “given” of every shopper is that he/she is more than likely a fan of a brand(s). My deal of the week is the inspiration to briefly mention one brand in particular. Kate Spade.

I l.o.v.e Kate Spade. I really just appreciate the Kate Spade style: fresh, light, funky at times and trendy. Here are just a few things I’m currently drooling over…Kate Spade…but I rarely purchase full price as I have an ability to talk myself out of things. Beautiful things.

And, thanks to influence of my marketing-and-advertising-minded husband, I also love their packaging presentations – very bright, clean and appealing to females.

Anyways, enough bragging on Kate Spade brand. So, I happened to be in TJ Maxx looking for particular gift items for family. It never fails, unless I’m absolutely crunched for time, I always cruise through almost the entire store. I can’t help myself! Its mostly because of my full-time job, which doesn’t allow the freedom nor the time to shop frequently throughout the week for treasures. So, when I do go, I feel the need to check almost everything out.

Per my usual route: I cruised by the purses and jewelry first, then made my way to the clearance isle, to look for post-Christmas sales.

Whilst browsing the shelves, my eyes locked on the brightly colored box that I immediately recognized to be Kate Spade. My heart did a little flutter or two because while brand name items can be found, they get snatched up quickly. So this is going to be either an epic find or a total let down.

So, I open the box to expect to see a cracked or shattered Kate Spade object; however, I was overjoyed to find a turquoise, legit Kate Spade vase in perfect condition! DSC_1010-1

Next step: to assess the price. Flipping the box over, my heart does a flipflop as it registers in my Maxxinista brain that this is a yellow tag item! Score! So of course I purchased it knowing I would find a place for this beauty in my home. DSC_1031-1

Now the only thing left was to compare prices. My quick research of the item showed that the same exact vase was selling for…drum roll, please!Price_Comp_Vase

And how much did I spend? $24.00 + tax!

Needless to say I was beyond giddy with excitement about the amount saved, around 65%! Not only did I save money, but I saved on an brand item that I LOVE and that is exactly what I want to help others achieve: savings on brand items!

Let me know what treasures you have found on your shopping ventures in the comments below!

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